talking to friends while waiting for the apocalypse.

Type the text under each missile to continue. If typing isn't working, click on the game and try again.

Sound files from freesound, as usual.

Made withUnity
Tagsmissile-command, missile-defense, typing
Average sessionA few minutes


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this is absolutely incredible!!! i got goosebumps so many times, it's so intensely human. what an amazing experience

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Wow. Really powerful use of a typing game. Reminds me of grade school computer class where we had to speed type. Really makes you think about what is truly important. 

I got worried there a few times. Really glad I made it to the end. Very poetic.

whow i love it x

A perfect gem of mounting dread. This is Missile Command from the arcades of the 80s, but with a sense of personal investment. Thrilling and satisfying, especially if you fancy yourself a typist - this will test you.

This game is really fun and challenging, keep making game's like this! I love it and there's nothing I would change about it. Keep up the good work!